Walt Hannawacker

Walt Hannawacker is a full time loan officer and manages the Silverdale Branch. As a loan officer, Walt strives to build genuine and lasting relationships from the first-time homebuyer to the seasoned homeowner and investor. Every financing situation is unique and Walt has the knowledge and experience, with over 23 years in the lending and real estate industry, to create customized financial solution to meet client short and long term goals.

Walt has helped thousands of Washington residents to financially enjoy home ownership, and through his guidance, build incredible wealth in real estate. Walt’s passion is helping his clients to recognize opportunities and maximize potential while striving to deliver the best overall home loan experience in the industry. He promotes the power of the team by surrounding his clients with the best in every area of real estate.

Walt lives in Poulsbo Washington with his wife Sandi and last child at home, Holden. He enjoys spending time with his family, boating, skiing, golf, and tennis. As a US Military Veteran, Walt volunteers in many capacities and enjoys building relationships and helping his community to live a better life.


Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist