Divorce Lending Solutions

Many times in a divorce, we are more focused on curing the problem at hand, i.e., distributing real property and assets, that we forget there is life after divorce. The biggest challenge is the lack of knowledge, understanding, and preparedness of how the various pieces of the divorce puzzle fit together and truly overlap.


What is Divorce Mortgage Planning?

Divorce Mortgage Planning is the ability to put into play the desired outcome by pairing the needs and options available while incorporating the necessary details and clarity into an executable settlement agreement to obtain closure and peace of mind successfully.

Working directly with the divorce team, a CDLP® incorporates divorce mortgage planning into the overall process with a unique and solid understanding of the intersection of family law, financial and tax planning, real property, and mortgage planning.

The role of the CDLP® is to help integrate the mortgage selected into the overall long and short-term financial and investment goals, to help minimize taxes, to minimize interest expense, and maximize cash

Our mission is to help divorcing homeowners make more informed decisions regarding their home equity solutions and mortgage financing opportunities during and after the divorce. Founded in 2014, the Divorce Lending Association supports ethical lending standards and is dedicated to supporting members through education and access to professional development opportunities working with divorcing homeowners.

The Value of a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) on the Professional Divorce Team

A successful divorce settlement is the result of putting the pieces of the puzzle together in such a manner that both divorcing parties come out of the divorce whole.

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